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Hard Rock Park,
Myrtle Beach, SC
Project Focus: Creativity

Blue Sky Studio, LLC was an integral part of the creative team from concept to execution of the Rock and Roll themed Hard Rock Park. Contracted to manage the interior design, and theming overlay for the park’s interiors and area development, this project clearly demonstrates Janel’s creative flexibility. This assignment led to an exciting whirlwind of planning and treasure hunting for the many unique and unusual items essential for design success, featured throughout the park.  Items as diverse as an antique tractor and Balinese root ball sculpture were painstakingly researched and personally sourced from far flung destinations.  The theming overlay and project FF&E were all delivered and installed as the finishing touches to an exciting creative collaboration.

Client: Hard Rock Park Myrtle Beach Operations, LLC
Project Architects: Morris Architects
Photography by: Geoff L. Johnson



"Janel was, in a word, “outstanding” working on the design and installation of numerous themed facilities at the Hard Rock Themed Park (in fact all of them.) Her keen design skills gave each attraction, restaurant and retail space its own unique look and feel. And those efforts (which encompassed the entire park) contributed to HRP garnering numerous awards and receiving incredible raves throughout the industry. Most importantly, the paying guests gave her very cool work an enthusiastic thumbs up! All was accomplished on time and on budget. Congratulations Janel! "
- Jon Binkowski , CCO, Hard Rock Park February 10, 2010


"I had the pleasure of working with Janel through the design and construction phases of Hard Rock Park. Janel was at all times the ultimate professional , detail oriented and innovative, while never forgetting the overall concept, timeline, or budget. She is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to manage many different tasks at the same time. Janel had the difficult task of overseeing the entire thematic intent of not only the interiors for Hard Rock Park, but the area development as well. Janel bore the task like a trooper, rising ever higher with each challenge while never loosing sight of the overall goal, or budget."
- Leslie Zipfel, Senior Designer, Morris Architects September 8, 2008