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Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando,
Orlando, Florida
Project Focus: Facilitation

Janel Craigie Dagon’s role as Design Manager of Interiors, on the pre-opening development team for Universal Orlando Resort’s Hotel Group, led to an opportunity for Blue Sky Studio to provide ongoing project management and creative consultation for capital improvement projects at The Porfofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, and Royal Pacific Hotel post opening. As project consultant, she assisted Loews Hotels’ management and purchasing teams in sourcing, repositioning and refurbishment projects for their Orlando properties.

Client: Loews Hotels/ Universal Orlando Resort
Purchasing Agent (Pre Opening): The Parker Company


"Janel is the best of both worlds: a very talented Designer who understands and delivers her client’s design vision but also an experienced Project Manager who knows how to manage her client’s schedule and money. As a purchasing agent, Janel is the best kind of client to work with because she has the insight to meet all the client’s needs."
- Ruth Arsenijevic, Senior Project Director, The Parker Company March 13, 2010