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Interior Design and Project Management

Pinery: n. A hothouse or plantation where pineapples are grown.

The Pinery, a 150-seat upscale restaurant on the ground floor of the Lakehouse luxury apartment building on Lake Ivanhoe in Orlando, celebrates Florida’s history through its food, gracious service, and on brand design. The agricultural heritage of the project site, namely the Ivanhoe Pinery, est. 1885 inspired all aspects of the project’s development, including the name.

To address the client’s program for a venue that interprets history through a modern lens, the design approach was three pronged. First, use materials typical of the late 19th century in new and unexpected ways. Second, employ colors and textures suggestive of pineapples and pineapple production. Thirdly, incorporate repurposed materials to give the newly constructed space situational integrity.

Glass mosaic floor tile in a gradient pattern energizes the entry and bar area. An antique bronze screen salvaged from an early Orlando Bank partitions the entry area from the bar. Unfinished brass pipes over deep green reeded panels adorn the front of the bar and hostess stand. White quartz creates a fresh, clean bar top. Saturated emerald-green wall tile creates a backdrop behind the bar. Antique mirror, bronze mesh, pecky cypress, and rebar are integrated into the millwork resulting in an upscale interpretation of industrial chic.

Distinct dining “neighborhoods” were created with fixed seating upholstered in deep hues of green and golden velvet, paired with chairs upholstered in glazed leather with brass accents. Dining tables made of reclaimed oak factory flooring are used throughout. Three large disk-shaped hand forged iron and gold leaf light fixtures provide a stunning shower of golden light over the central seating area. The cleanly detailed interior architecture utilizes up-cycled antique Florida pecky cypress on the soffits and louvered privacy screen to provide warmth and texture. Photographic murals provide historic touch points and authenticity to the design. Framed maps, photos, antique postcards, and vintage artifacts are installed throughout the restaurant to document the significance of The Pinery’s story to Central Florida history.